Which shipping methods have a tracking number?




  • Alan Wainscott

    I have a tracking number but none of the shipping companies recognize it...

  • MrJSquared

    Why do you provide tracking numbers via email confirmation for "small packet air" but then indicate that tracking is not available for this service based on the chart above???

  • Sam D

    Canada Post recently started to include a non-delivery barcode tracking number on all their Small Packet by Air method shipments. It's not a number we can scan and it is intended for their internal use only.  At least that's what they tell us.

    If it doesn't scan, then why the hell are you sending it to me?

    We agree it is confusing that Canada Post still calls it a "tracking number" and includes it on the shipping label.  We don't want to send you this invalid number but this info get's injected in the shipping confirmation emails dynamically as the parcel is picked up and scanned by Canada Post.

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